Mr. Ranglai Mro, a Headman from the Mro Tribe is the owner of this beautiful land. He approached certain individuals with the idea of utilizing this land for a viable project with his partnership. These individuals interested to explore the potential and possibilities visited the site and fell for it. The idea of Sairu Resort was conceived. The partners of Sairu Resort dreamt of a project that would promote tourism in the area that will promote the Culture & Crafts of the local people thus contributing to the economic emancipation of the community.



The planning and designing of Sairu has been a challenging task. The location is hilly with no chunk of plane land. There was the concern that construction could damage the pristine beauty of Nature unless it blended with the topography keeping the contours intact. Sairu was constructed, to the delight of the partners with utmost sensitivity, the only exception being the driveway which had to be scrapped and curved out of the hill. Water had to be sourced from a spring almost 1200 feet below the Resort Site which proved to be a colossal task. To build Sairu, sourcing of workers and materials for construction proved to be a challenge as none of these were locally available. Except for some local stones and bamboos everything else had to be sourced from the Capital City of Dhaka which was not only costly but as well a time consuming affair.

about the people

There are elevan ethnic minorities living in the district besides the Bangalis, including: the Marma, the Arakanese descendants and Arakanese, Murong, Bawm, Khyang, Tripuri, Mizo, Khumi, Chak, Kuki, Chakma and Tenchungya.


A long time ago, in the distant lands of Bandarban, there was a beautiful young Mro maiden called Sairu. She was the daughter of the king of a mountain tribe. She had passionately fallen in love with a young man, the son of the king belonging to another hill tribe. Love knows no boundaries or restrictions and eventually the elders got wind of the affair and got so angered by it that they took extreme measures to put an end to it. The young man was hurriedly married off to a girl from his tribe and Sairu was left alone to grieve. Heartbroken and desolate, it is told that Sairu would roam the forest alone until one day she was no more!

Two trees that grew entwined on the hills at the crown on a spot along the top of the Resort Site is said to symbolize the love of Sairu. Today that spot is known as the SAIRU Point. The complex, Sairu Hill Resort, draws its name from this Mythical Love Story and the logo from the two entwined trees.


Conserving and protecting the natural landscape and heritage of the area is our prime Social Responsibility.

About the Design & Implementation

SAIRU Hill Resorts has been designed and executed by DOMUS, one of the well renowned Architectural Consultancy firms of Bangladesh. The Principal Architect is also one of the partners of this Resort. The concept was to design a contemporary resort following the ‘Less is More’ principle. The masterplan was conceived by being sensitive towards the site and surroundings. Most of the structures have been built on steel stilts to minimize any change in the natural contours. The existing trees have been left untouched and more plants were added when shaping the landscape of the resort. The spaces were designed to obtain maximum panoramic views taking full advantage of the topography while including the luxuries of a modern-day-resort. Local materials were used to achieve the rustic outlook which blends with nature.